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Re: Integrating with procurve with cisco


Integrating with procurve with cisco

why we use "spanning-tree A1 admin-edge-port"this command while integrating Procurve switch with cisco switch.can any one tel me for what purpose we are using this.
for STP process do we require this...pls suggets.

wht is the procedure for integrating procurve with cisco switch...
Honored Contributor

Re: Integrating with procurve with cisco

this has to do with spanning-tree "dialects"

Cisco defaults to PVST (per Vlan stp)
Procurve defaults to MST (multiple stp instance eaach for a number of vlan's).

So you need to tell the stp process that it must not take into account the spanning-tree across the edge port.

If you convert your cisco network to MST you should be able to run your tree accross cisco-pocurve.