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Re: link aggregation - LACP issue and looping issue

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link aggregation - LACP issue and looping issue


we recently bought Procurve 1800 switch the back failover switch to Dell Powerconnect 6224. According to our plan these two switches will provide us failover capability to our ISCSI network which include Virtual servers, SQL database and exchange database.


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Re: link aggregation - LACP issue and looping issue

Continuing from above post

Now we have setup this switch with few vlans and created link aggregation for port 1-3 (trunk 1) and port 21-22 (trunk 2). port 23-24 is left as default for management and all other ports are in vlan 1000

Trunk 1 is the one we are trying to connect to dell switch. when we connect both cables (trunk 1) to dell switch, connect one test pc on one of the port (vlan 1000) and try pinging server on dell switch (Vlan 1000)we get timeout but if we unplug one of the cable of trunk 1 and ping it works and it works for that particular server there after even we connect both cable and all fail over scenarios. We have to do same for all the servers those are exist on dell switch.

some time we also get lot of flash light in both dell and procourve 1800 switch if we connect management port to our main switch (procourve 5308) we just have to disconnect before it goes crazy.

we also tried same thing with LACP and same problem.

we are trying to figure out why this is happening for weeks not and have no idea. your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

we have also attached config file if you wanted to have a look.
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Re: link aggregation - LACP issue and looping issue

If you look at the port statistics when both cables are connected, can you see a lot of broadcast traffic?

It does sounds like the Dell and Procurve switch does not agree how the trunk is setup and one side looks at the trunked ports as different, with broadcast loops as result.

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Re: link aggregation - LACP issue and looping issue

Hi RicN

we currently have trunk setup between same Dell switch and Procurve 5308xl. Does this mean 1800 and 5300 does trunking differently?

i have following stats from port 1 and port 3

Received Octets 1302797560
Transmitted Octets 3135993
Received Packets 1276826 Transmitted Packets 25044
Received Broadcast/Multicast Packets 8339113
Transmitted Broadcast/Multicast Packets 25034
Received Errors 3 Transmitted Errors 0

Received Octets 2980030402
Transmitted Octets 3417775
Received Packets 10081617 Transmitted Packets 26440
Received Broadcast/Multicast Packets 2486436
Transmitted Broadcast/Multicast Packets 25066
Received Errors 3 Transmitted Errors 0

we can see lots of broadcast/multicast traffic. any suggestion?