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/ filesystem is 100%

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/ filesystem is 100%

Hello All,

We have a issue with one of our hp-ux(11.23)box, that its / is 100%. Due to this no user can login to server include root. We have tried from console also, and at last from mp console we resetted the partision. Please let me know if any other procedure is there to solve the above issue.
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Re: / filesystem is 100%

is problem exist or after reboot its fine.
if its up you need to put checks on what fulls the file system.

to check various causes have a look over

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Re: / filesystem is 100%

We did below steps
1.boot through a IUX server, and go to recovery shell
2.chroot /ROOT /sbin/sh and deleted some core files which is in /
4. rebooted.

Here my query is with out reset/reboot whether there is any way to login to server.
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Re: / filesystem is 100%

Hi Anoop,

U can resolve the issue by deleting unwanted files, before u loose control from system, when / is getting full.

Or U have follo below steps to resolve the issue by extending the / mount point.

1. Stop all applications and databases running in the host.
2. Take full file system backup of the host.
3. Take ignite backup of the system including entire VG00
4. Halt the system and remove the secondary mirror disk and remove fiber cables to the storage array.
5. Boot through ignite tape and extend /, stand and /var file systems in the primary disk.
6. once the installation is over, attach the secondary disk and mirror it.

Recommended way to resolve the issue is to extend the mount point by above method.

Hope this resolves ur query.
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Re: / filesystem is 100%


>Please let me know if any other procedure
>is there to solve the above issue.

That what you described is the normal procedure if also root can't login.
Well, ftp could be worth a try - I've not yet been in the situation to test it.
I don't know if you also need space on the disk to make a connetion with ftp, but there you also have the option 'delete'.

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Re: / filesystem is 100%

If you can get logged in, look for files in /dev that are not device files..

find /dev -type f

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Re: / filesystem is 100%


A part of the answer is in your reply itself!!! It is a best practise for a system administrator to remove the core files generated on the system as well as large and old files that might not be required. If core file generation is the problem, why don't u just use the find command and write a cron job for it!
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