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Generic Traps, psp7.92 and Sim Issues....


Generic Traps, psp7.92 and Sim Issues....

Hey All,

Need some help on a few of my linux machines and getting them to send generic traps properly to our main Insight Manager server.
Most of my production boxes do just fine but a few select boxes are causing me a ton of pain.

I installed psp7.92 with no problems, snmpd is installed and running, system management homepage comes up properly but when you send "generic trap" from homepage the Sim server does not receive it.
If you restart snmpd on the offending box I ca see the restart on the Sim server using "snmputil.exe trap" utility but nothing else.

I have tried everything but I must be missing something. Here is what I have done:
1. Install / reinstalled psp7.92. All agents working and services showing running.
2. did "service hpasm reconfigure" with no luck.
3. reinstalled snmpd with known working copy from other production box and reconfigured hpasm to use it. Didnt work.

Everything seems to be working fine except for the sending of snmp traps.

Any help would be much appreciated!