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Here are the 5G demos and use cases you need to see at HPE Discover

With HPE Discover just around the corner, now’s the time to get a quick preview of some of the demos, workshops, and special sessions planned for the show.

A dominant theme at HPE Discover this year is 5G, and the benefits that the new standard brings to enterprise customers as they build out their edge-to-cloud infrastructures as well as CSPs as they prepare to offer new 5G services to consumer and business users. The following demos showcase how HPE customers can evolve their networks and edge-to-cloud infrastructures.

Preparing your Enterprise IT infrastructure for 5G

5G and Wi-Fi address three pivotal technology needs in the Enterprise:

  • Demand for more bandwidth
  • Lower latency applications
  • Ubiquitous connectivity for more devices, sensors, and equipment

While 5G provides superior bandwidth, ultralow latency, and high density, it won’t replace established Wi-Fi Enterprise networks. Rather, it will augment them.

That said, the underlying IT infrastructure has to be strengthened to support the expanded connectivity, not to mention other compute, storage, and networking requirements. The following demonstrations and sessions are focused on preparing enterprise and CSP infrastructures for 5G.

Enterprise digital identity management: Connecting devices with lives in an always-connected 5G world (DEMO719)

Demo location: 5G Tower

With numerous companion devices connected to each of us, the cross-device service experience depends on identity-sharing mechanisms. Come see HPE’s market-leading solutions for enterprise digital identity management and key use cases.

End-to-end service orchestration: One-click intent-based orchestration for 5G networks and services (DEMO718)

Demo location: 5G Tower

Digital services and 5G networks are bringing a new level of complexity and volume which requires a new generation of agile orchestration to deploy and monitor them. This demo showcases how HPE Service Director (SD) intent-based orchestration makes the orchestration of network and services as complex as 5G so easy.

Software-defined infrastructure for multi-vendor next-gen telco networks (DEMO721)

Demo location: 5G Tower

Prepare for 5G and next-gen evolution while reducing complexity and risk with a standards-based, software-defined network. Learn how to automate the configuration and monitoring of multi-vendor HPE platforms by utilizing a Redfish API-based open management framework. This demo showcases integration with a Nagios Core monitoring engine for seamless management of 5G networks from core to edge. This demo also showcases the HPE NFV Platform Software that simplifies and accelerates deployment of HPE Blueprint validated infrastructure configurations.

To learn more about 5G demos, workshops, and special sessions taking place at HPE Discover from June 17 to 22, download our PDF guide.

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