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HPE at Mobile World Congress: Creating a better future with 5G, Edge and Cloud Computing


By Al Madden
HPE IoT Marketing



Imagine a world where connected cars can alert you to dangerous drivers, help avoid collisions, predict traffic patterns, and autonomously drives fleets of vehicles. Consider the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), where sensors inside equipment can capture data in real-time and create intelligent automation in industries like manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and logistics. Envision public services that provide intelligent parking, congestion management, pollution detection and mitigation, emergency response and security.

While this might still sound like technology coming out of futuristic movies, it is no longer a theory or coming out of someone’s imagination; it can now be a reality. The technology that can enable all of these scenarios exists today – and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Saguna are working together to make these applications happen, by bringing together 5G connectivity, Edge Computing and Cloud Computing.

The current challenge of network connectivity

The common challenge across all of these applications is: the need of instantaneous communication and analysis. Even the fastest network existing today can have a delay of milliseconds – long enough to be of danger or make the application useless to the end user, your customer. Consider the connected car scenario: the self-driving car must be able to collect road data, analyze it and make decisions instantly to avoid an accident or make the right turn; in this case, sending the data from the car to a datacenter and back with the appropriate action can have a delay long enough that may put the passenger in danger.

Like the self-driving car, technological and market developments are creating a new wave of applications that rely upon the instantaneous communication and analysis found in modern mobile networks using edge access infrastructure.

Solving the issue of latency and enable real-time decision making

This is where 3 major technology trends converge: 5G hyper-speed connectivity, Edge computing and Cloud Computing. HPE, AWS and Saguna have created a platform that enables an applications eco-system at the network edge. This platform enables application developers to easily create new and exciting edge applications using the broad palette of AWS services. It also allows mobile operators to effectively deploy Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and operate edge applications within the fabric of their mobile network using Saguna’s MEC V-RAN software running on HPE’s Edgeline hardware.

To dive into the details of the solution and obtain reference architectures for multiple use cases for Smart Cities, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, as well as Connected Vehicles, you can download this whitepaper.

If you are attending Mobile World Congress, make sure to visit the HPE booth: Hall 3, Booth 3E11, where we will have multiple IoT, Edge Computing and 5G demonstrations, including:

  • 5G Edge Computing enabling real-time control at the edge,
  • AI and Video Analytics at the edge
  • KDDI Research showcasing MEC for V2X solution: a proof of concept that uses the connected car scenario to demonstrate how to harmonize network traffic ensuring that urgent V2X communications are functional even in case of mobile network congestion


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