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extend subnet across MPLS

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extend subnet across MPLS

Hi, we have 2 locations connected by a 10GB fiber uplink. The main location's switch is and the switch at the remote location is What is the easiest way to extend our network across the WAN so we can have a couple ports on the switch at the remote office assigned a 192.168.10.xxx IP address? Can we use a VLAN to accomplish this and if so, what's the best way to set things up?

We'd like to be able to move one of our servers from the main office to the remote office for redundancy but still keep it's IP address the same.

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Re: extend subnet across MPLS

You don't say what switch models you have. You might have more advanced switches that support GRE tunnels, otherwise you should check whether your MPLS provider will support a QinQ configuration whereby they can preserve your VLAN tagging for you - they would accept .1q format frames and treat your .1q tag as payload within their own tagged frame.