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Procurve Mobility Controller: Not possible to reach WLAN network from outside

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Procurve Mobility Controller: Not possible to reach WLAN network from outside

Hi everybody!


My name is Stefan, I am a programmer and at the moment I am doing a commisioning in China.

My company has one software we call ManDos, with this you can do manual dosings (small weights) for an automatic system. This software has a ManDos-server and ManDos-clients. The ManDos-server collects all the weighing information from the clients. The ManDos-clients run on a PDA placed in a wireless network and use the weight of a scale which is also part of this wireless network. The ManDos-server is running on the server of the production network, where you can also find some other pcs. ManDos-server and ManDos-client communicate via webservices.


The WLan consists of this devices:

- an HP procurve mobility controller "ProCurve MSM710 Mobility Controller MSC-5100 Multiservice"

- two access points " Procurve MSM310-R"

- two adapters

- one switch


The mobility controller is plugged into the production network (Internet) and the the switch (LAN). At the switch also both adapters are connected, also connected to power and from there to the access points.

Four devices are part of the WLan network: 2 PDAs, 2 Moxaserver (so 2 scales). In the production network the mobility controller has the ip and on WLan it has Both access points are synchronized to the mobility controller. Adress allocation is DHCP (from to Access points have the ip and Firewall is off, authentification also off, encryption is WPA2 preshared key.


It is possible to reach the production network from both PDAs, they can connect to the ManDos-server running on the server and seem to be possible to communicate. Part of the ManDos-server is a weighcontroller, this weighcontroller should get the real weights directly from the scale and send it back to the ManDos-clients. In this case, the scales are part of the procurve WLan network, but it is not possible to reach it from the server. It is even not possible to ping any device from the Wlan network.


So my question: What do I need to change? Is it possible to reach the WLan network from outside or does it just work the other way round?


Best regards, Stefan.

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Re: Procurve Mobility Controller: Not possible to reach WLAN network from outside

this might help, under the VSC settings disabled the "wireless security filter" option and click save, then sync the APs again and see if it is working fine now or not