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1810-48G connection issues

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1810-48G connection issues

Hello everyone,


I've recently installed a brand new 1810-48G at a customer site (production environment). It is the backbone switch for the network, although it's not a huge network. I use 3 out of the total 4 mini-GBIC ports with 3rd party SPF's, which in turn is connected with fibre connections to each 1810-24G (also brand new) switches. On top of that I use about 25 - 30 of the RJ45 ports for servers, NAS, a Cisco WC, clients and so on. The switch is also connected to a pfsense router with LAGG, i.e pfsense has 2 truncated ports setup as link aggregation, which is connected directly to the switch. I haven't setup any trunks on the switch since apparently the ports are LAGG-aware by default (also marked as LAG in the GUI).

There are 5 VLAN's in total, and all traffic runs perfectly in that sense. All in all, everything works as planned, with exception for one thing.


The problem I'm getting is that the switch seems to stop responding for a second or two, which halts traffic and gives poor performance. You can tell easily on the internet connection that is freezes, then comes back online by itself without taking any action at all. It seems to be intermittent.


Also, when measuring the internet speed (100Mbit fibre), I noticed a major positive difference after rebooting the switch. After a couple of hours all is the same though. We've tested both the connection and the router separatly and both give almost 100Mbit. After the switch though speed is slow (burst speed is actually fine, but with the halts the average goes down to about 14Mbit). A very strange thing is that the upload speed is always 3 times faster than downspeed..!


I updated firmware at first install just 3 weeks ago, and have resetted the switch and rebuilt the config just to try something. And I've looked at the normal stuff like loops, config errors etc but can't find any. I'm beginning to get blinded after troubleshooting too much and would love for someone to put another pair of eyes on this. Anyone's got any tips?



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Re: 1810-48G connection issues

Problem is now solved-ish... Never found the reason for it but the symptoms just vanished over the weekend. Probably a loop, some hardware that got turned off or something like that. Not sure. I don't like it when you can't pinpoint the problem because the risk of it coming back but what to do...