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V1910-16G slow XP clients with Win Server 2012

Occasional Contributor

V1910-16G slow XP clients with Win Server 2012

Hello folks,

please can anybody help me with my issue? 

I have brand new Dell server with Windows 2012 STD installed and all my XP clients are facing issue with slow download from Server 2012 through HP V1910-16G. Upload to server is ok on 100Mb network, but download is running max with 10-15% of max speed on 100Mb LAN. When I replaced HP managed switch with some stupid unmanaged TPLing Gigabit switch so all XP clients are downloading with max LAN speed. 

Please can anybody give me some advice? What feature may cause it in HP setting? I am using the same switches in other companies and there is not the same issue. So it looks like issue is placed in combination of HP managed switch and windows server 2012 OS.

Thank you for any advice.