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1920S Series igmp-snooping not working as expected

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1920S Series igmp-snooping not working as expected

Hello Forum,

the igmp-snooping feature in 1920S series switches seems a bit limited and makes it mostly unusable for some sort of modern office networks. I don't think someone from the forum can help me with this case, it's more as information for admins who need igmp-snoop feature and maybe interested in JL380A 8-port PoE-in driven Switch. These Series also missing a dhcp-snoop feature, anyway.

I run into trouble with JL380A and JL384A with mdns and IGMPv3 querier and IGMPv3 devices.

First, from configuration manual written it only understand IGMPv1 and IGMPv2 ... well mostly new WLAN APs from Ubiquity, Ruckus and maybe i think Aruba too implementing IGMPv3. In my environments i have VLAN based igmp-snooping configured, regardless what is configured these switches not forwarding IGMPv3 queries. If your'e downgrading your network to IGMPv2 everything is working as expected without your IGMPv3 WLAN equipment... huiuiui

But next show stopper is not configurable, but i believe it's default set, droping of unknown multicast. Means everything what is not known from querier, cause maybe it's not speaking IGMP but using also multicast addresses like mdns, get dropped. This is an absolute must have to disable globally or best case per VLAN. With the older comware based 1950 Series this runs like charme mdns service to all ports and igmp multicast traffic got only to this ports where receivers want it.