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Stacking with the 1910 family

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Stacking with the 1910 family

After  years of managing switch by switch i´d like to make my job a little bit easier be using stackable switches as i now it from my time with 3com 3300 switches. As i have already found there are no other connections than ethernet for higher bandwith but making configuration easier would be help enough and as is read the manual that feature is supported by the 1910 family.


So i enabled the stacking on my main switch, an 1910-48 with Software Version 5.20 Release 1513P99 by defining the private net ip with mask 24 (my homenet has and enabled then the build stack feature. Next step was to define port 9 that connects to my 1910-8 with same software release as stackport.


As i understand the last step i have to do is enabling the uplink port 8 on my 1910-8 and than the stack configuration should start, but the only thing happing is that i can´t reach my 1910-8 any more with it´s managemend ip which is shown when i see under summary when connecting with the serial connection cable.


Has anybody already such a stack and has an idea what i´m doing wrong?


Best regards from germany