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Switch HP 1910 stack ssh

New Member

Switch HP 1910 stack ssh

Hi. I have switches 1910 series .
I have a security port on my switches.
But to manage my switches, I have to go to each of them and make changes.
I set up the security port via ssh. This is really convenient.
But I want to go to one switch to make changes on another.

For this I set up a stack. But I did not find instructions on how to manage switches via ssh.

How can this be done ???

I tried to configure the security port through the web interface, but for this I have to execute:

 go to 'Network > MAC > Add'

Type in the MAC address of the PC you want secured, choose ‘Static’,' VLAN1', select port the PC is connected to.

Next go to ‘Authentication > 802.1x and enable 802.1x, then click 'Add'.

Then select the port that has the static MAC address on, select 'MAC Based port control',' Auto Authorization',

and click 'Apply'.

This should then secure the port so it only works with the single static MAC address.

This is not convenient and not correct.

Also, I found a problem when I try to open a switch that is on the stack via the WEB interface, it is not displayed.     -    I am thrown by the link but the page is empty. Nothing is displayed.