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V1910 ACLs

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V1910 ACLs


I have been working on trying to configure ACLs on a V1910 for over 2 weeks now and I'm beyond frustrated. I have updated to the latest firmware. I have read countless articles and done many searches. I have tried to configure them via the CLI as well as through the GUI with no success. I have several VLANs on the switch and they can all route between eachother. I am trying to restrict traffic on VLAN 28 from getting to any other VLAN and also restrict all traffic on VLAN 22 from getting to any other VLAN but allowing port 25 from VLAN 22 to VLAN 24 and also allowing VLAN 22 to get to the internet (VLAN 10 has the gateway/edge firewall on it). I also want to allow VLAN 24 to be able to get to every other VLAN, including 22 and 28.


Any help would be amazing.