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VLAN 1810 and MSM310

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VLAN 1810 and MSM310


I'm banging my head on the wall since 3 days now. Yet, it's not rocket science!

I have VLAN 1 and a DHCP server. This vlan is for employees.
I have VLAN 2 and a seperate DHCP server. This vlan is for guests.

I have a ProCurve AP MSM310. While in VLAN 1, I can communicate with the AP. As soon as I turn on tagging on the port where the AP is (to give access to the users in that vlan via WiFi and receive IP via DHCP), I can't communicate with the AP at all.

On the switch, in VLAN 2, to give access to users on the guests VLAN through WiFi, do I set my port tagged or untagged? Because it doesn't work either way.

I'm really lost. Can someone guide me?

Thank you very much.



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Re: VLAN 1810 and MSM310


On the switch port connected to the MSM 310 Ap, untag vlan 1 and tag vlan 2

like this
#vlan 1
#vlan 2

check it.

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Re: VLAN 1810 and MSM310

Thank you shadow13.

I found my mistake: in the AP, as soon as you create a VLAN et associate it to a port on it, it will be tagged.

Also in the VSC's, you need to leave the profile that you want to work with the default VLAN with no indication in the "Egress VLAN" section.

Thank you.