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DL380p System Power Fault Detected - bring back old support site -- or just kill me

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DL380p System Power Fault Detected - bring back old support site -- or just kill me

OK, I give up.  Spent the last 2 hours trying to research a  problem -- DL380p Gen 8 fails and the only error in the IML is "System Power Fault Detected".   So I figured I'd search for documents with that string... or look through recent firmware update release notes to see if there's a reference for it.   

HA!   You want to do what? Oh, OK, "187,897 results".   25 at a time.  Fight!  No thanks.

Oh wait, I should limit it by product.  OK, 2,818 results for DL380p Gen 8.   Then I search by "System Power Fault Detected".   Now i'ts 2,254 results.  So that means there are only 564 articles/downloads that DON'T relate to "System Power Fault Detected"?   Either the power failure is a whole lot more common than I thought, or the search function really isn't.   

Bring.  Back.  Old.  Site.   Please.  Or just kill me now.

So now I'll just have to call into support and let them research this.  Doesn't seem like a good use of anyone's time.

I hate to be negative but while new support center is very attractive looking, it's unusable for day to day IT operations.  It just feels like it was designed by a marketing group that wants things to look organized but has never had to search for a rom update,  much less flash a server in the middle of the night while users are screaming.

I would challenge the folks that created the site to perform a few simple tasks

  1. Find advisories for purple screens in vpshere for a specific proliant model.
  2. Print the release notes for the latest version of a specific RAID card.
  3. Find the firmware for a specific NIC that is one version behind the current version (even though the current version never has bugs).
  4. Make a list of all of the latest firmware for all  components of a specific server model.  (No using the SPP Doesn't count since critical updates get released inbetween SPP's, and if I'm on the support site that's what I'm looking for)

And don't launch the site until every member of the design team can perform these operations in under 5 minutes. 

Until then can we have the old site back, please?






Re: DL380p System Power Fault Detected - bring back old support site -- or just kill me

Thank you for taking the time to provide us feedback on HPE Support Center tools and resources.  We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, HPESC is continuously working on simplifying the portal, all your feedbacks are getting monitored and will be reported appropriately.

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