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Re: Where do I find the warranty info???

Occasional Contributor

Where do I find the warranty info???

I'm now getting to the point where I am VERY frustrated with the HP site in general. I have searched the site for almost an hour now and I can't seem to find what the dea pixel policy is on HP monitors. I am about to order one and the new LP2475W seem a better buy than the corresponding Dell product. But Dell's policy on dead pixels is clear... and seems to be hard to beat. This is an important issue for me and could greatly influence my decision.

Can anybody who is reading this point me to the right page/document? I would be very grateful...
Occasional Contributor

Re: Where do I find the warranty info???

Hard to believe but I finally found the info! I had to use Google to find it though... :+(

Anyway, here it is:〈=en&docname=c00288895

It's a very good policy too, so I cannot understand why it is not easily accesible right on the product page.