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HPE DISCOVER: Labs sessions give attendees a window into the future


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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

It is one thing to hear about ground-breaking technology, but it is quite another to see, hear, and interact with the scientists, engineers, and researchers who created it. The full spread of sessions offered by Hewlett Packard Labs at HPE Discover 2018 in Las Vegas will provide you with a technical and business intelligence briefing like no other.

Here are the sessions Labs is offering this year.


Spotlight Session

The Machine project and Memory-Driven Computing: Powering tomorrow’s AI-driven enterprise (SL4785)

The Machine project has achieved a lot since it was announced in 2014. We built the world’s largest single-memory computer and sped up real-world algorithms by up to 10,000x. We are excited about using its Memory-Driven Computing architecture to accelerate machine learning, supercomputing, containerized data centers and edge-to-core distributed systems. Speakers from HPE will discuss our plans to power the hypercompetitive future.

Date: Wednesday, June 20

Time: 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Moderator: Martina Trucco

Panelists: Randy Meyer, Kirk Bresniker, Sharad Singhal, Michael Woodacre, Dr. Eng Lim Goh

Location: Innovation Theater

Read more about AI and Memory-Driven Computing on the Labs blog.


Innovation Theaters

Do we have to wait for quantum computers? (IS5090)

There’s a new wave in computing coming. We will soon be able to solve “impossible” problems in cryptography, scheduling, supply chain optimization and biochemistry. Quantum computing may eventually be able to crack many problems, but is there a better way? Are there quicker, cheaper, more practical ways to reach many of the solutions that quantum computing is trying to provide? HPE Senior Fellow Ray Beausoleil will demonstrate how Hewlett Packard Labs is thinking beyond the transistor, beyond the qubit, to make the impossible possible.

Date: Thursday, June 21

Time: 11:30 – 12:00 pm

Session Owner: Rebecca Lewington

Speaker: Ray Beausoleil

Location: Innovation Theater

Read more about alternatives to quantum computing on the Labs blog.


Discover Theaters

What is the right hardware for (the next generation of) artificial intelligence? (T4787)

Increased computational power of the hardware is one of the key enablers of the recent revival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but there isn’t enough computational power to run all possible AI applications of today and tomorrow. This has propelled both industrial giants and small startups to launch efforts in developing special purpose hardware for AI. Which approach will win? It's hard to say. Join Hewlett Packard Labs' researchers to learn more about the requirements for AI algorithms and our development of HPE’s novel accelerators.

Date: Tuesday, June 19

Time: 11:00 – 11:30 am

Session owner: Natalia Vassilieva

Panelists: Natalia Vassilieva, Suhas Kumar, Thomas Van Vaerenbergh

Location: Theater 4

Read more about our AI sessions on the Labs blog.


HPE infrastructure security: Build it in (T4920)

Today’s security battles are asymmetric and evolving. By 2021, cyber security crime will cost the world economy an estimated six trillion dollars. Resolving the problem requires anticipation of future threats, designing deep security capabilities into products, implementing assurances into product development and manufacturing and providing recovery architectures for enterprise resilience. At HPE, security is always first. Learn about the threat landscape and how our revolutionary self-healing security technology can help.

Date: Wednesday, June 20

Time: 5:00 – 5:30 pm

Session owner: Justin Terry

Panelists: CJ Coppersmith, Lois Boliek, Scott Harsany

Location: Theater 3


Discussion Forums

HPE Deep Learning Cookbook: Get your technology recipe to build a deep learning system (DF4912)

Deep learning is a key enabling technology behind the recent revival of artificial intelligence and is of interest to many companies that believe it can have a profound effect on their businesses. However, these companies lack the expertise to make informed decisions on optimal hardware and software to run deep learning workloads efficiently. Join us for an interactive discussion on how HPE’s Deep Learning Cookbook can jump-start the technologies and tools you’ll need to solve different deep learning challenges, depending on your scenario.

Date: Tuesday, June 19

Time: 10:00 – 10:30 am

Session owner: Sergey Serebryakov

Speaker: Sergey Serebryakov

Location: Discussion Forum 4

Read more about our AI sessions on the Labs blog.


Breakout sessions

Creating intelligent mobility using Memory-Driven Computing from edge to cloud to core (B4913)
Data is a potent raw material for economic growth. But how can enterprises maximize their data potential when, by 2020, three out of four bytes will never see a data center? By bringing the enterprise to the data and exploiting the interlocking information lifecycles that refine raw data into economic activity. Join Kirk Bresniker, Hewlett Packard Labs’ Chief Architect, to learn how a unified architecture can turn a disjointed collection of transportation modes into intelligent mobility, the vital heart of smart city economics.

Date: Tuesday, June 19

Time: 4:30 – 5:30pm

Session owner: Rebecca Lewington

Speakers: Kirk Bresniker

Location: Titian 2202

Read more about how intelligence craves data on the Labs blog.


What is the HPE Deep Learning Cookbook and how do you use it? (B4786)

Today, deep learning is all the rage with a vibrant and fast-growing ecosystem of software and hardware. Numerous deep learning frameworks are available for anyone and everyone who wants to leverage this technology for their needs. This can make it difficult to navigate and select the optimal tools for a specific workload. HPE’s Deep Learning Cookbook is here to help. Join HPE’s AI experts to learn how our Deep Learning Cookbook can guide your business to select the optimal hardware/software environment for any given deep learning task.

Date: Wednesday, June 20

Time: 10:30 – 11:30 am

Session owner: Natalia Vassilieva

Speakers: Natalia Vassilieva, Seyed Mirsepassi, Glyn Bowden

Location: Titian 2202

Read more about our AI sessions on the Labs blog.


Memory-Driven Computing: Taking the Machine from Hewlett Packard Labs to the enterprise (B5006)
Experts from HPE Pointnext and Hewlett Packard Labs will provide real-world examples of how to successfully exploit large memory systems such as in HPE servers like the HPE Superdome Flex. Emerging technologies developed by Hewlett Packard Labs are hitting the mainstream and can be exploited by the enterprise right now. Join us to learn about the early fruits from The Machine research project and learn how your business can benefit from Memory-Driven Computing combined with HPE Pointnext expertise.

Date: Wednesday, June 20

Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Session owner: Alok Gupta

Speakers: Alok Gupta, Sharad Singhal, Mike Woodacre

Location: Bellini 2003


If you have yet to register for HPE Discover, please do. If you have registered, use the Agenda Builder to plan your visit and to review other demos and sessions.


Consult this post for a review of the demos available at Discover.

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