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HPE Tech Pro Community Launches Continuous Learning program



Contributing author: Stephan Beek 

HPE Tech Pro Community recently launched the continuous learning program. It’s ideal for learners that want to stay current on HPE product and solution innovations, or for those that need to prepare "just in time" for customer opportunities. It helps learners by delivering comprehensive and concise technical learning paths.

A learning path is a modular set of curated content that aligns with product or solution portfolios that you select. They are available in generalist or specialist levels. Within technical learning paths, a continuous learning badge can be achieved by completing a subset of specific activities within the learning path.

While these learning paths were launched by HPE Tech Pro, they are open to all HPE learners. Note though, that if you are a Tech Pro Community member (levels 2 through 4) you must complete two continuous learning badges to maintain membership level and associated benefits. These are also the same continuous learning badges that are required for Partner Ready. See the Partner Ready Program FAQ for details on the Partner Ready continuous learning requirements.

We've launched 11 new continuous learning badges to recognize completion of selected learning activities within a technical learning path. On average it takes approximately 10 hours of learning to complete a badge.

To maintain a continuous learning badge going forward, you must complete regular learning activities. You will be notified via My Learning when new activities become available for your badge. You can manage your continuous learning status in My Learning.

As already mentioned, learning paths are open to all learners but being a member of HPE Tech Pro Community has enormous benefits. You can tap into 24x7 insight, by posting questions and learning from conversations in our worldwide forums, get insider access to HPE resources and training, and earn continuous learning badges that validate your expertise and differentiate you in the marketplace.

Get more information on all of the new HPE Tech Pro Community enhancements from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for explaining the community and badges. I like earning new badges, it feels satisfying. Time to learn learn learn all about machine learning and deep learning with ai and neural networks.