A complete Application Modernization solution: Yours for the exploring at DockerCon

By Erez Yaary, CTO, HPE Software

Exploring is one of my favorite activities. Trails, caves, internal combustion engines, foreign cities … they have all been and continue to be objects of my exploration. That’s why DockerCon is one of my absolute favorite events. In addition to being the largest container conference by far taking place in the world, DockerCon covers all aspects of Docker and its ecosystem, plus provides a unique opportunity to learn how others are using the Docker platform and containers. If it’s happening in the Docker universe, it’s there to explore at DockerCon.

And since Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will be exhibiting at the event as a Gold Sponsor, I will have the opportunity to help you explore the joint solutions HPE offers with Docker. It will be an exciting exploration for all involved. That’s because HPE technology – hardware, software and services – have been fine tuned to deliver outstanding performance and impressive results with Docker.App modernization for blog.jpgFigure 1

Application Modernization is an excellent example of the HPE – Docker alliance in action. It is an important example as well, since software is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. The ability of an enterprise can be directly linked to the efficiency of its applications. That means an IT environment characterized by slow-performing applications that run on legacy platforms and are not optimized for Cloud, can lead to disappointing results enterprise-wide.

For these environments, application modernization that makes optimum use of Docker containers and tooling can make a major difference. When combined with HPE Application Delivery Management software solutions, Docker makes it possible – and easy - to:

  • Containerize Legacy Apps
  • Accelerate new App Dev
  • Transform to Micro Svcs

Services from, HPE Technology Services Consulting provide outstanding assistance throughout the modernization process – from dedicated services to identify the best overall approach for your organization to a paid Proof of Concept (POC) that helps you see value in days, not months.

Figure 1 above provides a graphical overview of this application modernization process and its results. It will also serve as the basis of conversations we can have at DockerCon in our exploration of the benefits application modernization can bring to your environment. Looking forward to seeing you there.

If you are not attending DockerCon, you can still explore the powerful solutions available through the HPE – Docker alliance by checking out the alliance web page.

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