AI and Predictive Analytics: How to use Within your Server Infrastructure with Microsoft and HPE

Organizations big and small are citing artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics as digital transformation priorities. But do you know what these terms actually mean and how they apply to servers? 

Artificial Intelligence
is a branch of computer science wherein machines perform tasks like a human mind, such as learning and reasoning. AI can amplify human capabilities and also turn exponentially growing data into insight, action, and value

Predictive Analytics
is a type of statistical modeling in which computers are able to forecast future events based on historical data. Companies can use predictive analytics to understand likely customer behavior, streamline internal processes, monitor and automate IT infrastructure and machine maintenance, and more!


AI and Predictive Analytics

In this video, Kyle Todd, Category Leader of Hybrid IT for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, tells you about some key technologies HPE and Microsoft have developed to help organizations utilize predictive analytics and artificial intelligence within their server infrastructure.


Windows Server 2019 includes a new predictive analytics feature called System Insights. With System Insights, predictive capabilities are based on a machine learning model. It locally analyze Windows Server system data providing insight into the servers’ performance trends so organizations can control and reduce operational expenses. For example, if certain applications are consuming an alarming amount of IT infrastructure, or growing faster than planned, the predictive analytics in System Insights will flag this so action can be taken.

In Windows Server 2019, System Insights ships with four default capabilities:

- Capacity forecasting
- Predicting future resource for compute
- Networking
- Storage

System Insights can be managed through an intuitive Windows Admin Center extension and all prediction results are published to the event log, which allows you to use Azure Monitor or System Center Operations Manager to easily aggregate and see predictions across a group of machines.

AI for Servers

The features of System Insights dovetail perfectly with a new AI offering from HPE called HPE InfoSight for Servers. InfoSight started off as a predictive analytics tool for HPE storage, and it has become so popular that we’ve extended it to HPE servers! With this simple tool you can transform how server infrastructure is managed and supported by enabling simplified, cloud-based AI-driven operations. HPE InfoSight for servers analyzes and correlates millions of server-based sensors every minute, all over the world. So all HPE customers benefit as their systems get smarter and more reliable. With HPE InfoSight for Servers we've combined the machine learning and predictive analytics of HPE InfoSight with the health and performance monitoring of Active Health System (AHS) and HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) to optimize performance and predict and prevent problems. The result: we're able to optimize performance and predict and prevent problems. 

InfoSight for Servers and System Insights bring predictive analytics to a whole new level for managing IT infrastructure. With these detailed insights to the consumption of IT resources, you can effectively control costs, and allocate resources to the applications that justify the investment. 

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