HPE Breakout Sessions at VMworld live up to their name

Guest Blogger: Ann M. Avery 

There’s a reason they’re called “Breakout” Sessions.  Not necessarily because they are meant for smaller audiences than the “General” sessions or because they provide a deeper dive into topics of interest/importance. While that might be true, I feel that the best breakouts  – like the ones HPE will be presenting at VMworld – have earned the name because they provide “breakout” information about “breakout” IT solutions that allow companies like yours to realize true business breakthroughs and achieve success like never before.

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So if you’ll be at VMworld from August 25 – 29 in San Francisco, I invite you to attend one or all of the following HPE Breakout Sessions and break away from the ordinary conference fare.

“How to match workloads to clouds for best fit consumption and management.”

You have accepted the advantages of cloud, but how to determine workload placement is one of the biggest challenges you face. HPE’s expertise, tools and proven methodologies help you define the Right Mix of public and on prem as you:

  • Discover your entire application portfolio
  • Assess the placement of each application based on your criteria
  • Plan their move to their target destination. 

And once you have your right mix hybrid cloud strategy defined, you can use HPE GreenLake to achieve an as-a-service experience everywhere, allowing you to focus on more innovative projects, instead of on technology issues. August 26, Monday, 2:00 – 3:00 PM. Session ID: HCI3476BUS. Presented by Erik Vogel, VP – Hybrid Cloud Software and Services. Register

“HPE Composable Solutions: Change Cloud Resources and Workloads in Real-time.”  

Delivering a complete portfolio of composable cloud platforms with compliance and security, HPE offers enhanced capabilities such as end-to-end automation, an innovative fabric built to facilitate rapid changes in resource needs, and tight integrations between management environment that enables to deliver fully software-defined, flexible and agile cloud solutions with VMware. Learn more about VMware and HPE Composable Cloud solutions designed to deliver faster and easy path to an agile and secure hybrid cloud platform. August 26, Monday, 5:00 – 6:00 PM. Session ID: HCI3482BUS. Presented by John Shields and Andrew Fisher. Register

“Leap Forward and Defy Limits with HPE Primera and Nimble dHCI for VMware.”

Discover how the industry’s most intelligent primary storage platforms deliver a radically simpler experience with proven resiliency and always-on performance for your VMs. Also learn why HPE has the industry leading VVols solution for VMware environments that enables your storage to become VM-aware and put an end to tedious LUN management. Then see how HPE InfoSight uses cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning to make prescriptive recommendations to eliminate the burden of managing complex infrastructure. August 28, Wednesday, 2:30 – 3:30 PM. Session ID: MCO3594BUS. Presented by Eric Siebert and Dheeraj Konidena. Register

“VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy. The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud.”

VMware and HPE have teamed up to provide the same level of public cloud experience on premises for your enterprise data center. Join us as we dive deep into VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure. The powerful automation of VMware Cloud Foundation combined with HPE Synergy allow the composition of fluid pools of physical (and virtual) compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration ready for any application. August 28, Wednesday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Session ID: HBI1514BU. Presented by Heath Johnson and Andrew Leber.  Register

“The HPE Software-Defined Data and Analytics Platform with VMware.”

The presence of separate platforms for physical, virtual, and containers, as well as the lack of automation to provide an as-a-service model are critical challenges for today’s enterprises. That’s why so many are looking for a software-defined infrastructure with converged hardware that includes compute, network, and storage, PLUS an application development environment that uses containers. In this session, we will use a customer example to discuss how to architect an end-to-end solution to solve these challenges. We will use a common platform to deploy a customer data and analytics environment and offer database-as-a-service with VMware vCloud Suite, VMware vSAN, and VMware Cloud Foundation. August 28, Wednesday, 8:00 – 9:00 AM Session ID: HCI3321BU Presented by Kannan Mani. Register

Break away from the crowd

Attend these HPE breakout sessions and also take advantage of the presence of the best and brightest thinkers in our industry at VMworld to learn about solutions that offer a definite chance to break away from the ordinary in support of your cloud journey. HPE Executives and Experts will be available throughout the event.  Register here to reserve time with them.

Complete information about HPE’s presence at VMworld 2019 is available here. Details on the impressive portfolio of solutions from the HPE – VMware Alliances are available here.

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