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HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA: Makes total sense


By Mike Molaison

HPE Flexible Capacity was a revolutionary idea when it was launched a few years ago. Imagine being able to enjoy the best of two worlds:

  • The affordability and flexibility of the cloud
  • The security and control of on-prem

 HPE Flexible Capacity basically made IT so much easier to acquire and consume – exactly what is needed in response to today’s rapidly-evolving IT and business realities and challenges.  Since its introduction, HPE has focused on making this pay-per-use model even more attractive by refining it for specific use cases and technologies. The resulting HPE GreenLake packages now mean you can access a solution that is finely tuned to meet a specific business and IT need WITH the proven benefits of a consumption-based approach. 

HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA blog 1.jpg

 And for the many of you running SAP HANA environments, the news is even better, because HPE now offers and HPE GreenLake package specifically for you.  HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA provides the benefits of an on-prem solution, removing the unknowns associated with the network (bandwidth, latency),and security and allowing you effectively to have more control.  

You also get to control SLAs and availability,.  And unlike other cloud-based cloud offerings where the provider decides when you get application updates and which version you run, HPE GreenLake for  SAP HANA lets you  control when specific application upgrades are applied.  Makes total sense, doesn't it?

One more bit of great news:  you can see this solution in person at HPE Booth #158 at the SAP SAPPHIRENOW event to be held on June 5 -7 in Orland, FL .      

A total solution, PLUS pay-per-use

HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA is a complete solution that streamlines both acquisition and operations.  It includes:

  • HPE SAP HANA appliances and SAP HANA certified storage and backup solutions
  • Purpose-built SAP certified reference architectures that deliver results quickly using leading-edge HPE technology
  • SAP HANA software to deliver the outcome
  • HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, delivering a pay-per-use economic model and ongoing capacity management
  • Services from HPE Pointnext advisory and professional services to quickly plan for and implement the solution
  • Remote monitoring and operation of the solution, offloading routine work from IT and providing skills
  • Enterprise-grade support, proactive and tailored for the way you operate IT
  • HPE Digital Learner to bring the needed digital skills for IT to do its best work
  • One business-related metric, paid monthly, which is all-inclusive and based on GBs of memory used by SAP HANA 

A total change for the better

For you, this innovative and comprehensive approach to IT acquisition and consumption means:

  • Faster time to valueHPE GreenLake for SAP HANA blog 2.jpgComplete, built-for-purpose solutions optimized for SAP HANA with certified SAP hardware from HPE
  • Up to 38% reduction in infrastructure costs with active capacity management
  • Costs on par with public cloud
  • On-premises solution for security, compliance, and data sovereignty needs
  • Exceptional performance with fine-tuned SAP environment from HPE PointnextLess business risk and higher levels of continuity and availability for SAP HANA Simplified IT • Fast problem resolution with HPE Pointnext SAP HANA experts 

Be totally informed   

SAPPHIRE Social Card #3.jpgIf you will be at SAPPHIRE NOW, please attend the HPE Theater Session on HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA titled “How can I get all the benefits of HANA in an on-prem solution with cloud economics?” It will provide more in-depth information on all the features and benefits listed above and more. The session will be presented at HPE Booth #158 at the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday, June 5, 11:00 – 11:30
  • Wednesday, June 6, 16:30 – 17:00
  • Thursday, June 7, 15:30 – 16:00

 Mark Folker and I will be available after each session and throughout the event to answer your questions and determine how HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA can make evert aspect of solution acquisition and management easier. 

Additional information is available on the HPE GreenLake web page. You can also:

Mike Molaison is a worldwide SAP Consulting Practice Lead for HPE Pointnext, specializing in SAP services, high availability and business continuity, and strategic services. For over 23 years, he has used his expertise in services to work with customers to select, acquire, implement and operate the SAP solutions that are right for them.   

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