Learn, ask, talk, touch, discuss, explore, compare, decide: all at SAP TechEd

By Urs Renggli


Used to be that when I thought about IT shows and events, the only thing that came to mind was a lot wandering the show floor and head-scratching. But after many years of attending SAP TechEd, I know that conferences like this offer a unique opportunity to find out about the latest in top-performing IT solutions and what they can specifically do for you.

Think about it. Where else can you find all the resources you need to go from an initial exploration of a solution all the way to making a buy decision? These events let you ask all the questions you want and get answers from experts. They let you see and try technology, describe your requirements in detail, and fine tune what a solution could look like. Throughout, you deal with people who understand what you need and why you need it … AND have the ability to move heaven and earth to make sure you get it.

That’s exactly what will be available to you at SAP TechEd EMEA, which will be held in Barcelona from November 8 – 10. And that’s exactly why you should be there to take advantage of it.

SAP and HPE and OMG
HPE is a Premier Sponsor of the event. More important, we are one of SAP’s closest and oldest alliance partners. What that all means is that our products have been tested and proven to work together to deliver superior results. OMG, imagine that.

You’ll be able to see many of these solutions in action at SAP TechEd EMEA. Here’s how.

1. Stop by the HPE booth. It’s #17 and it’s located prominently at the front of the Show Floor. We’ll be offering a series of demos and in-booth theater sessions where you can learn about:

  • HPE Storage Solutions for SAP HANA
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software
  • HPE Services and SAP
  • HPE CS500 / CS900

Better still, you’ be able to interact immediately with real people who can answer the real questions you might have.

2. Attend the HPE sessions with their focus on HPE – SAP joint solutions, including:

  • Tuesday November 8, 13:30-14:30 – “Accelerate Live with HPE Solutions for SAP HANA.”
  • Wednesday November 9, 9:30-10:30 – “Fast and efficient data protection as a service from HPE for your mission-critical SAP HANA environment”

3. Check out our Networking Sessions that include:

  • Tame complexity, and turbo-charge business agility with HPE Solutions for SAP HANA
  • Fast and efficient data protection as a service from HPE for your mission-critical SAP HANA environment

Access the complete lits at the event site.

4. Meet our panel of experts for a discussion around the HPE SAP HANA Appliances, HPE storage for SAP HANA TDI, or HPE Data Protection solutions for SAP

One more thing to do: Get more information
To get complete information on SAP TechEd EMEA and HPE’s presence at the event, check out the event site.

Urs is part of the Corporate Strategic Alliances team at HPE. As Evangelism Lead for the EMEA region, he works closely with a number of strategic alliance Partners, including Microsoft, RedHat, SAP and VMware. Urs has over 26 years of experience in the IT industry, including 20+ years in a variety of different marketing, sales and alliance leadership roles at Compaq, HP and HPE. He also spent 6 years in a number of regional and global roles at Microsoft Corporation.

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