OVERwhelmed at SAPPHIRE? Talk to us. We’ll UNDERstand.

By Kate O'Neill

I bet I know how you feel about major events:

  • You’re looking for answers and get a sales pitch.
  • You want conversations and find only monologues
  • You’d like guidance and get gibberish

So join me and the other experts who will be at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Guru bar at SAPPHIRE (Booth #456). We won’t do that.

We’re business people, over 25 of us, with 325+ years of combined experience. Over the three days of the event, my colleagues and I will be looking to discuss business concerns and challenges with you and see if, together, we can make some progress towards a solution for you.

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 Kate walks into a bar …
This will be my first SAP guru bar, and I am really excited to have a chance to listen to and talk with SAPPHIRE attendees. I know what HPE and SAP can offer together—solutions truly attuned to the real-time data capture and analysis demands facing today’s businesses—what SAP calls “run live.”

How are these demands impacting you and your business? What are the major challenges you confront in, first, capturing the tidal wave of data that’s coming at you on a daily basis and, second, in analyzing the data and acting on it in real time?

I want to know how much your current IT environment is helping you, or hindering you, in meeting these challenges. Where are the gaps, the frustrations, the pitfalls?

From there, I’m confident I can help guide you in the right direction. Together, we can fill the gaps, eliminate the frustrations, and avoid the pitfalls.

Setting the bar really high
My confidence comes from the knowledge that HPE and SAP have a long and successful history of co-innovation. Get more details on the HPE – SAP Alliance site. We work closely so you don’t have to work as hard to get to where you want to go. That’s why SAP, S/4 HANA, and all other SAP solutions run better on HPE than on other platforms to deliver better results.. Scale up, scale out, data at both the Edge and the Core: if you need it, we’ll deliver it.

That co-innovation continues today and extends to tomorrow. You should see the amazing solutions we are working on. In fact, you will get the chance to do just that at SAPPHIRE. HPE will be offering opportunities to preview our next generation solutions for SAP HANA. Ask me about them at the event. I’d like to get your take on how our plans resonate with yours … and how our innovations correspond to what you’re looking for in your own next generation environment.

 Kate O'Neill.jpgAbout this guru barfly
As director of marketing for Mission Critical Solutions, I work across HPE Servers, Storage, Networking, Software and HPE Pointnext services to deliver HPE solutions for enterprise customers facing large-scale business processing and real-time analytics challenges. I know what it’s like out there and what you can face running and growing your business. I also know what we have in here, at HPE, to help you every step of the way.

Stop by. Let’s chat.

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