Optimize server performance and innovate faster/more securely with Intelligent System Tuning

This month we are talking all about how your customers can increase server agility, productivity, and efficiency with HPE Gen10 Servers + Microsoft Windows Server 2016. If you missed last week's blog, be sure to catch up with it to learn about improving server utilization with virtualization and containers.

This week, we will focus on how your customers can increase their server agility and innovate faster, and more securely, with Intelligent System Tuning

There are many different features found in HPE Gen10 Servers and Windows Server 2016 that work together to improve agility. The hardware benefits begin with HPE Intelligent System Tuning (IST), a support and optimization feature that adjusts compute for processor performance, allowing for significant improvement in power efficiency.

With IST, users can dynamically configure server resources to match specific workloads and achieve higher levels of performance, efficiency, and control in their server environment. IST leverages exclusive technology developed through close partnership with Intel and includes three innovative capabilities that together can deliver double digit boosts in performance1:

  • Workload Matching: Take the guesswork out of BIOS settings with Workload Matching. Developed by the HPE performance engineering team, HPE Workload Matching allows users to simply choose a workload profile and the server will automatically configure the server's internal resources to match the needs of that workload. Users can leverage the experience of HPE’s performance engineering teams to save hours of time tuning their servers and improve overall performance. Automatically match internal server resources to specific workload requirements. Preconfigured workload profiles tune the BIOS settings for optimal performance, saving hours of time in server tuning.
    Workload Matching requires: HPE ProLiant Gen10 server, HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) 5


  • Jitter Smoothing: Level and balance frequency fluctuation, minimize jitter, and reduce latency problems while in Intel Turbo Boost mode using patent-pending technology.
    Jitter Smoothing requires: HPE ProLiant Gen10 server with Intel processor, HPE iLO 5, HPE iLO 5 Advanced license or Advanced Premium Security Edition license.


  • Core Boosting: Maximize the performance of all the processor cores and accelerate system performance. Core Boosting is ideal for virtualized environments, high performance computing, and Big Data analytics where maximum performance is required. Developed through a joint engineering effort with Intel, Core Boosting is an HPE unique technology that enables higher performance per core without overclocking the processor.
    Core Boosting requires: Select Gen10 server configurations, Intel® Xeon® Scalable 6143 Gold 16-core Processor or Intel Xeon Scalable 8165 Platinum 24-core Processor, HPE iLO 5, High Performance Heatsinks and Fans, HPE iLO Advanced license or Advanced Premium Security Edition license.

Learn more about IST:


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1. Based on internal HPE testing in May 2017.

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