PwC, Microsoft, HPE: Three perspectives on one great solution for hybrid transformation

By Drew Denkhaus 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, PwC and Microsoft have combined their impressive forces to deliver a new offering that leverages the capabilities of the new Microsoft Azure Stack offering.

This triple-play approach helps enterprises evolve their operating model to be successful in a new world where the business must deliver results on a highly-accelerated schedule. The triple-play fast-tracks the deployment of ecosystem-level solutions and makes it easier for enterprises to ultimately deliver the services needed to drive their business. The proactive collaboration among these three leaders enables enterprises to make their journey to hybrid IT more quickly, easily and confidently.


many peeps in glass office.jpgWhy hybrid?
We’ve learned a lot about how different cloud approaches align with real-world business needs. One of the major take-aways has been that for all of its advantages, the Public Cloud approach has significant drawbacks, especially in the areas of control and data security/privacy. In many cases, Public Cloud has also turned out to be more expensive than anticipated.

As a result, many enterprises have come to the conclusion they need an environment supporting Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Traditional IT. The Azure Stack solution is an extension of Azure Public Cloud, which brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments.

HPE contributes integrated systems that are purpose-built to run Azure Stack, providing for a consistent Hybrid cloud solution that can be delivered in record time. PwC provides the necessary expertise on industry trends and best practices, organizational transformation, and business alignment for a smoother transition of the new operating model―critical success factors that often go unaddressed until it is too late.

Listen to this quick, information-rich podcast
To provide you with in-depth information about this unique offer, listen to the podcast hosted by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, as he discusses Azure Stack with experts from HPE and PwC:
• Rohit “Ro” Antao, Partner at PwC
• Ken Won, Director of Cloud Solutions Marketing at HPE

Their discussion focuses on the challenges facing today’s enterprises, plus the features, capabilities and benefits of the HPE/PwC/Azure offering. You can:
Listen to the podcast
Find it on iTunes
Download the transcript
Read a blog summary

The podcast is well worth your attention and time, since it can help you set the direction for your enterprise … and for its success … for years to come.


Drew photo latest - 072517.jpgDrew Denkhaus is part of the HPE WW Strategic Alliances Team focused on developing joint GTM solutions in  support of the PwC Alliance relationship. Drew has been with HP and HPE for the past 18 years with responsibilities spanning Software, Infrastructure, Cloud and Emerging technologies. 


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