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By Ed Faichtyger

I have HPE colleagues who can do an amazing job talking about vision, strategies, outlooks, trends, and plans for the future for your enterprise and the role SAP can play in them. You can meet them at HPE Booth #456 Guru Bar at SAP SAPPHIRE 2017 all this week. You can also meet with me. I’m a little different since my focus is to get whatever SAP project you’re working on now done … ASAP. If that’s your interest as well, there are a number of ways we can get this done at the event:

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 1. Sign up for a free Pointnext Advisory Workshop. These personalized sessions are interactive and practical, focused on what you need to accelerate your value from your SAP investment. They help you gain a greater understanding of your HANA roadmap and help you develop a smarter, faster platform to grow your business into the future. The primary one we are offering during SAPPHIRE focuses on the new functionalities and enhancements SAP HANA 2.0 has to offer. This session also provides an insight into the proven path to take your organization to this latest release, incorporating best practices derived from our knowledge and experience in this field. To sign up, please contact us at:

2. Talk to me about doing a custom mini workshop – also free. Already doing a couple of these. For example, one major customer requested a session on multi-temperature data management that makes it possible to have hot, warm, and cold storage. Contact me directly at or stop by the HPE Booth to request your session. I’m sure we can accommodate you.

3. Circle back with me at the Guru Bar and we can talk 1:1 about where you are, where you need to go, and the best ways to get there.

Advisory support to go
If you are not attending SAP SAPPHIRE or want additional assistance, HPE can also bring our Rapid SAP HANA Advisory Service workshops to you. In addition to the session on SAP HANA 2.0, Workshop topics include:

• SAP HANA Deployment Models
• System Replication for SAP HANA
• Automated High Availability for SAP HANA
• SAP HANA Virtualization
• Partition Strategies for SAP HANA
• Migrating to SAP HANA
• SAP HANA Network Best Practices
• Upgrade Strategy for SAP HANA

Each workshop reduces effort and risk by defining key elements of the initiative and outcomes among stakeholders. Outcomes include:

• Identification of specific gaps and needs HPE should address
• A jointly-developed executive summary report that outlines the agreed initiative, scope of effort, solution approach, and desired outcomes.
• Approach to provide a rapid implementation of the initiative that will produce the desired outcome.

These sessions have proven their worth with HPE and SAP customers worldwide by providing them a well-defined starting point and a clear picture of the journey ahead. I’m convinced HPE and I can do the same for you at SAPPHIRE and beyond.

Here’s where to go if you’re here
HPE is an Onyx Sponsor at SAPPHIRE. In addition to the Guru Bar, the HPE Booth #465 will feature 30+ Theater Presentations, demos and much more. Check out the HPE SAPPHIRE site for complete information.

I look forward to seeing you there. And check out the HPE – SAP Alliance web site if you want additional information on the powerful solutions we offer.



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