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Scality RING shines bright in Gartner Critical Capabilities for Object Storage report

HPE technology partner Scality has improved over its strong showing in last year’s Gartner report, along with its overall relative positioning against the competition. Read on for more good reasons why Scality RING is the proven solution for object storage.

HPE Object Storage_Scality Ring_Blog.jpgHere in India, the most popular sport is cricket. Everyone follows the matches. Even if you’re not that interested, it’s impossible to avoid the activity that surrounds them. This is when you go to any office water cooler or other gathering spot during the cricket season and everybody around seems to think that they can do a better job than any of the cricketers playing the game.

Data growth fueled by expansion of Big Data and IoT reminds me of these endless discussions. Everyone thinks they have the perfect plan to solve any this problem. When it comes to addressing data growth, however, the problem is that everyone is correct AND wrong at the same time!

Here are few simple questions: Is it tough to run your business-critical applications due to excessive growth? Are budget constraints prohibiting you to keep up with the growth? Are you working to ensure a cloud-ready IT strategy? Is agility a strategic goal?

Here’s an idea: flexible, scalable, efficient object storage.

What is object storage and why should you be considering it?

Object storage manages data as objects, as opposed to other storage architectures like file systems which manage data as a file hierarchy, and block storage which manages data as blocks within sectors and tracks. Object storage has a few characteristics that differentiate it from "traditional’ storage." These are:

  • Resilience in the range of 11x9 along with geo-distribution options
  • Highly space-efficient data resiliency schemes
  • Extreme scalability
  • Data storage consolidation that eliminates boundaries and silos

All of which leads to lower costs to store huge amounts of data.

Various vendors offer object storage solutions, and as a customer it can be difficult to get an impartial and measured assessment of the various solutions available in the market. Earlier this year Gartner, one of the leading analyst firms in the world, published its “Critical Capability for Object Storage” report where analysts compared 13 object storage offerings against eight “critical capabilities” feature categories and evaluated them in the context of these five use cases:

  • Analytics
  • Archiving
  • Backup
  • Content distribution
  • Cloud storage

Think about those words for a second: Critical Capabilities

Doesn’t it just sound important? Whether you’re describing something positive or negative, if you throw the word “critical” in front of it you basically multiply the urgency. In our own industry, “mission critical” has long been the description given to those applications that businesses run that need to be up 100% of the time, need the lowest of latencies and require the utmost of non-interrupted flexibility. 

The end result is an analysis that, in Gartner’s view, is very comprehensive. And I’m happy that one of our strongest technology partners, Scality, has scored very highly in this report. For those of you who were not aware, Scality has been a pioneer of software-defined, multi-cloud data storage at petabyte scale. Recognized as a leader in distributed file and object storage, Scality assures data control and freedom to manage data across clouds.

Scality has scored well, even improving over its strong showing in last year’s report, along with its overall relative positioning against the competition.

Across all the different use cases, Scality was ranked second and was within <<1% (0.04 out of 5 total points in separation) of the top position. What’s more, Scality is the only independent vendor in the top 5 as evaluated by Gartner. This is an outstanding testament to the growing recognition that Scality RING is one of the best solutions to choose for object storage.  Add to that the fact that Scality RING accommodates both file- and object-based data, and the strength of the solution is even clearer. Learn more in this detailed press release from Scality 

HPE and Scality

HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING is a software-defined storage (SDS) solution for petabyte-scale data storage. It creates scale-out storage systems that converge the storage of object-based and file-based data from multiple applications. HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING is architected to scale up to trillions of objects in a single namespace. The platform’s access and storage layers can be scaled independently to thousands of nodes, all of which can be accessed directly and concurrently with no added latency.Scality logo.jpg

 HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING provides multiple doorways for your applications. It supports file protocols and object APIs and can be deployed with OpenStack environments in one consolidated system. Also, choice of deployment topologies including single system in a single site, single system distributed across multiple sites and multiple systems on multiple sites replicating one another.

The combination of the Scality RING software and ultra-dense HPE Apollo 4510 and HPE Apollo 4200, along with advisory and support services, provides the best object solution in the market with the flexibility, resiliency and performance required to drive down the cost of storage at petabyte scale.

Confirmation Scality RING is the proven solution for object storage

Most evaluations can be subjective without any much substantiation for the rankings awarded, however in this case, Gartner has taken time and effort to establish well-defined criteria while scrutinizing the various object storage solutions in great detail. An evaluation this detailed matters to help you make an informed decision. With more than 200 Petabyte+ customers and shipping product since 2010, the Scality RING is the proven solution for object storage.

Scality RING running on HPE Apollo hardware combines object storage software and industry -standard servers to provide low cost, reliable, flexible, centralized management that your organization needs for large-scale unstructured data. The HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING creates a solution with a lower TCO than traditional SAN and NAS storage vendors, while providing greater data protection for current and future large-scale storage needs

If you want more details, please contact your local HPE/Scality sales team who will be happy to whiteboard an architecture tailored to your specific requirements—and help you better understand how the HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING is an integral part of your IT infrastructure.

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