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Onboard Administrator (OA) networking question

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Onboard Administrator (OA) networking question

Jeff had an OA question:




In the back of my mind I remember that the OA, iLO, and VC modules had to be part of the same networking space but I am unable to find that in any of the current documents to show the customer.  Does this still hold true?


I have a customer who has assigned IP addresses (EBIPA) to only the bays they were using at the time.  Now they have populate more bays but are out of the original IP address range.  Let’s just say / was used at first.  Now we add more servers to the enclosure.  Is it supported to use EBIPA to assign / to these new servers? 


Is there a link to the documentation?  I could not find it in the OA user guide, quick specs, C-7000 setup-configure guide, etc.


Thank you for the clarification!




Info from Dan:




The OA Does support VLAN Tagging

This would be covered in the OA User Guide

Starting on Page 149


If you are using VC modules, the OA and VC MUST be on the same VLAN.

But iLOs of servers can be on alternate VLANs.

VC User Guide snippet:





If they are running 2 Subnets on the same VLAN, then no VLAN changes are needed on the OA, you just need to setup the new iLO IPs with the right IP/GW/Mask.


Lastly, make sure if there are any firewalls between 192.168.1.x and 192.168.9.x that you allow ANY port from the iLOs to talk to ANY port on the OAs and vice versa via firewall rules.




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