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BL460G7 port mapping question

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BL460G7 port mapping question

Kit needed some port mapping questions answered:






I have BL460G7 with Emulex LPe1205-HP 8Gb 2port FC HBA in Mezz1 and NC532 2port 10Gb in Mezz2.  What is the port mapping to the C7000 Interconnect modules?  I am using 4Gb FC pass-through for the HBA and the 10Gb pass- through for the NICs.


My assumption is Mezz 1 would go to Interconnect bay 3 & 4 and Mezz 2 would go to Interconnect bay 5 & 6.  But according to the chart that I found in the C7000 installation guide, it mapped out differently.  Is this because of the doublewide Interconnect modules?  It does not show singlewide module.


For the NC532 in mezz2, it will map port 1 to module 5 and port 2 to module7. 


So needless to say I’m a bit confused. 




Monty provided some info:




At the time this port-mapping table was authored – our only 10Gb mezz card (NC512m) employed a 4x XAUI interface and required double-wide 10Gb XAUI interconnects. 


With the introduction of the NC532m 10Gb mezz card which uses 1x KR port width and connects to single-wide interconnect modules, I can see how the 10Gb Ethernet example text might be confusing.  See the support doc below for how the two 10Gb Ethernet mezz cards require matching interconnect modules (NC532m requires single-wide 1Gb or 10Gb KR compatible Ethernet modules, NC512m requires double-wide 10Gb Ethernet modules).


The c7000 Port Mapping table is still correct: as it indicates for 1x or 2x port width adapters in Mezz 2:  Port 1 connects to bay 5 and Port 2 connects to bay 6.


The NC532m Quickspec seems to be missing M1 capability on the BL460c and other half-heights and missing M1 capability on all the full-height blades in addition to the other combinations listed.


I’ll submit a change to the c7000 Enclosure Quick setup and other guides with the port-mapping tables to replace the “10Gb Ethernet” example with “Infiniband”.


Someone responsible for the NC532m Quickspec can check that table for accuracy.




Any other comments?  Suggestions?