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nettl selective trace or log possible ?

Trusted Contributor

nettl selective trace or log possible ?


I want to log and analyze the number of NFS connections incoming on a server.
I need to know the IP destination of these incoming connexions because this server has multiple lans.

I actually try to obtain these informations through nettl but I can't obtain exactly what I want

I want to trace only NFS connexions, so I've tried:
# nettl -tn pduin -e NS_LS_NFS -f /tmp/tracing

nothing in the log :/
the only way I've found to obtain the NFS informations is to trace the entire tcp subsystem:
# nettl -tn pduin -e NS_LS_TCP -f /tmp/tracing

but in this case, the trace file is growing up too much.

I've tried to log the Nfs subsystem and I still have not the data I want:
# nettl -log i w e d -e NS_LS_NFS

Is there a way to make a selective logging or tracing with nettl or is it a stupid idea from my part ?

Thanks to share your experience ;)

Best regards, Cedrick Gaillard