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How HPE OEM Solutions Enables Faster Media Processing


HPE OEM Solutions helps OEMs build custom solutions to meet their specific requirements. These solutions enable faster media processing from the edge to the data center, which improves surveillance by:

  1. Tackling latency and speeding output by enabling streaming analytics at the edge

When a video is sent to the cloud for analysis, it’s often set up as a batch and the inference is run at a set time—it's not instant. Processing batch data, running the inference and extracting the right insight takes time. This process is acceptable for non-time-critical workflows. However, for time-sensitive applications such as facial recognition in airports, streaming analytics at the edge is indispensable.

Replacing the batch workload approach with streaming analytics allows data to be analyzed in real-time. Cutting out the journey to the cloud (by shifting this process to the edge) further reduces latency and speeds analysis. For an airport security team, this could be the difference between catching a person of interest and not.

HPE OEM Solutions provides OEMs with the technology, expertise and services to build an edge-to-cloud solution that delivers analysis faster.

  1. Delivering insight securely using less compute power

Surveillance providers analyze large volumes of potentially sensitive data which require a reliable and secure IT infrastructure across the data center, network and edge. Transferring vast volumes of video surveillance footage to the data center puts a strain on the network and requires extremely high-performance computing platforms including multiple GPUs.

By running the inference on a local device at the edge—closer to the source of the data—surveillance providers can extract valuable insight without the need for such high-performance computing. It also reduces the risk of interception as less data is transferred to the data center. This more secure approach is essential when extracting sensitive data such as facial recognition or analyzing suspicious activity.

When OEMs build solutions with HPE technology, they benefit from Aruba access control systems that protect sensitive data and HPE MicroServers that immediately anonymize records.

  1. Extracting relevant insights with better data management

The challenge for faster processing and inference intensifies when a security organization needs to extract insight from a larger pool of data and/or match against another database. For example, behavior monitoring or comparing number plates against a national database.

When additional technologies—such as infrared cameras for fever detection in hospitals or airports—are added to the equation, it becomes even more essential to have a reliable, secure and effective end-to-end solution to ensure large pools of data can be analyzed quickly and effectively.

HPE OEM Solutions helps OEMs build high-performing solutions that maximize reliability, security and speed from the edge, through the network and in the data center to deliver better outcomes faster.

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