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SSSU - Version 6 - script error

Gary Lively_1
Occasional Contributor

SSSU - Version 6 - script error

Getting a script error after going to SSSU/version 6

this is my script

$sssu :==$DSA99:[SSSU]SSSU_vms_alpha.exe
$ Show Time
$ sssu
sel manager xx.xx.x.xxx user=eva02 pass=pass
sel cell EVA02
show vdisk full
$ Show Time

this is what i get

14-AUG-2007 15:15:46

SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
Version: 6.0.2
Build: 5


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU - Version 6 - script error

The SHOW command is no longer implemented in SSSU.
It has been replaced by the LS command.

I am surprised that you don't get an error message,
but the output from the second
"$ show time"
seems to be missing as well. Does the script 'hang'?.