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vfast reset counters

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Grande Mario

vfast reset counters

On of my customer runs a vfast command for statistic purposes. Now the counter "Total Pages Moved for Defragment" shows a negative number. Is it possible to reset the counters without disabling and reenabling vfast or without rebooting the system?

See output:
# uptime
17:07 up 296 days, 2:46, 1 user, load average: 0.47, 0.30, 0.38

# vfast status backup
vfast is currently running
vfast is activated on backup
vfast defragment: enabled
vfast balance: disabled
vfast top IO balance: disabled

Direct IO File Processing: enabled
Percent IOs Allocated to vfast When System Busy: 1%
Default Hours Until Steady State: 24; Hours remaining: 0
Total Files Defragmented: 13147
Total Pages Moved for Defragment: -2118631161
Total Extents Combined for Defragment: 11290
Total Pages Moved for Balance: 0
Total Files Moved for Volume IO Balance: 0
Total Pages Moved for Volume Free Space Consolidation: 6962147

Any hint would be very appreciated

Mario Grande
HP Switzerland
Grande Mario

Re: vfast reset counters


We have already umounted and remounted the domain but stats are not resetted. But in the "vfast" man pages i can read that a umount/mount should reset the stats.
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: vfast reset counters

Did you unmount all the filesets in that domain?
Grande Mario

Re: vfast reset counters

No only the mountpoints of the backup domain. Do you think that customer should umount/mount all filesets?
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: vfast reset counters

I said unmount all filesets in *that* domain (backup domain)...not ALL filesets on the system!

I say this because AdvFS may maintain these stats as long as the domain is ACTIVE. A domain is said to be ACTIVE when atleast one of its filesets is mounted.

Use "showfsets -b " to see the list of filesets in the domain. Then, try to unmount all the filesets using "umount "
Grande Mario

Re: vfast reset counters


I just want to shortly make an update.
There is no possibilty to reset the counters because vfast writes it onto the disk. And each time after a remount or reboot the stats are reloaded from disk to memory.
Thanks to all for your help!!