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Network Teaming on DL380 & Cisco CATOS switch

Luke Hsieh
Occasional Advisor

Network Teaming on DL380 & Cisco CATOS switch

Hi all,

I would like to setup 2 etherchannel teams (using LACP on Cisco switch) of 2 NIC ports each, and then team the 2 channels as Fault Tolerant across different switches.

So basically I like to aggregate ports 1&2 as channel to switch 1, aggregate ports 3&4 as channel to switch 2. Both channels are configured on the same on both switches. And then treat these 2 channels as NFT links across both switches.

Is this possible with HP Network Configuration Utility? I can setup the teaming by choosing Automatic as Team Type in NCU and configure lacp channels on Cisco switch. But once I have the 2 new channel team NICs, I can't select them to team again as NFT. Does this require some advanced NCU license from HP?

Also, by looking at Team Utilization tab in a teamed channel, I can confirm Rx is working on both ports. But Tx seems to be only going out on 1 port. Team Type and Trasmit Load Balancing are both set to Automatic. All settings on NCU & Cisco switch looks OK. Am I missing something basic?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

L. Hsieh
Occasional Visitor

Re: Network Teaming on DL380 & Cisco CATOS switch

Don't think it's possible, unless your two Catalyst's are "stacked" (probably not if you are running CatOS).

See Cisco Document ID 98469: "The EtherChannel should start on a single device and end on another single device. The device can be a switch stack, a workstation, or a server."