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ILO server questions

Tom Lyczko
Super Advisor

ILO server questions

1. If I have ILO installed onto an ESX *host* can I somehow access the host's virtual machines through ILO??

2. If I have ILO installed onto a Windows Server 2003 box can I access the Win2k3 server through ILO??

Thank you, Tom
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Re: ILO server questions

Hi Tom,

1. No, just as connecting to ESX with a keyboard, video, and mouse will not get you access to the VM guests. iLO provides only console, power, and virtual media options.

2. You can access the console of the Windows 2003 server through iLO only if you have the Advanced (or Blade Select) license. By default the standard iLO license does not provide GUI console.

Good luck!