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SIM, System Properties Customer Properties, SQL Query?

Ulf Zimmermann
Frequent Advisor

SIM, System Properties Customer Properties, SQL Query?

Hello everyone.

With SIM 5.1, ISEE, OSEM, Warranty+Contract it is important that the Customer Contact and Customer Company Information is correct for each system, as OSEM can reject an event or HP dispatches an engineer to the wrong location. I went through our servers by selecting all at a location and then via Options->System Properties->Set System Properties. Did this for all locations and servers. Well turned out today at this did not set all right or something overwrote stuff.

Now SIM itself has no selectable field in the Report section for Customer Contact and Company information, so I can't run a report to verify if things are set incorrect. The only way right now is to go each single server and check, pretty time consuming.

So I took a look at the database itself, found the table dbo.SIM_SysCustomer which seems to be what I am looking for. But when I do a select *, only 2 rows are getting displayed.

So I am wonder if someone could give me a sql query to find the correct information, so that I can verify that the addresses are set correctly.