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Extending a Volume

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Extending a Volume


I am trying to extend an existing Volume, formated in NTFS, with remaining free space, but when I try to extend the volume I get the following message:

Web UI for Server Administration Error

Volume to extend must immediately precede empty disk space. If space exists in other DYNAMIC disks you can convert the BASIC disk this partition resides on to DYNAMIC and extend the volume. Please use the DISKS management tab to convert the Disk.

The remaining free space is on the same Hardware RAID 5 partition and the disk are all configured as basic.

Does anybody have an idea?

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Re: Extending a Volume

The messages asks you to convert to Dynamic disk. Of course you did not give us much detail into you system, i.e. controller, Server, OS, etc. but I can give you what I know and guess about your set up.

The following is from our Compaq guide:
Logical drive capacity extension is the enlargement of an existing logical drive, usually after the array has been expanded. There must be enough free capacity on the array for the logical drive to be extended. If necessary, increase the free capacity by adding hard drives to the array and expanding the array capacity (previous section) before extending logical drive capacity.
These operating systems support online logical drive capacity extension:
· _ Windows 2000
· _ Windows NT 4.0
· _ NetWare 4.2, 5.x
· _ OS/2 Warp Server for eBusiness
· _ OpenServer 5.0.4, 5.0.5
· _ UnixWare 7.1.x
IMPORTANT: When extending a logical drive under Windows 2000, upgrade the disk to DYNAMIC before creating a partition on that disk. If the disk already has a partition when it is upgraded to DYNAMIC, Windows 2000 may not allow logical drive extension. Refer to the Windows 2000 documentation for details about DYNAMIC and B
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