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accessing a StoreOnce CLI via ssh

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accessing a StoreOnce CLI via ssh


My team started administering a StoreOnce 5200 (software version 4.1.2) which initial setup has been done by a third party. The communication with them is somehow difficult as it passes by a non-technical persons and we are struggling to get an ssh access to the array command line with an admin/Admin (explained later) account.
1) Using Admin account I can log in to StoreOnce Management Console via a web browser.
2) Using console account and the same IP as in 1) I can log in to the console via shh.
3) Using console account I can log in to the ILO IP of the server via a web browser.
In the ILO I can create users who have afterwards 2) and 3) type access.

Yet when I try to connect via ssh (using putty) with Admin account to the Management Console IP address (so the same as in 1) ) I get a login prompt and then "Access denied" (or "Permission denied, please try again." using cygwin) after providing the password (the same password as used in 1) ).
When, in Management Console, I create a new local user with an Admin role and try to log in it's the same situation as above - I get a login prompt and then "Access denied"/"Permissin denied" error.

I was playing with key authentication and I can get an access to the ILO passwordlessly but in the Management Console I don't see an option to set up a passwordless access to the command line.

The third party provides us with admin/password credentials while in fact for the Management Console we are using Admin/password ("a" vs "A"). I'm wondering if this may mess things up in case of a CLI access.

Otherwise I have no idea. If this was some linux system I would dare to guess that any ssh access is not allowed for users other than console but the GUI (Management Console) lacks an option to change it.

Any ideas for further troubleshooting please?



Re: accessing a StoreOnce CLI via ssh


Unfortunately the StoreOnce Gen4 systems have the CLI access disabled.

The only ways to manage the system is through the GUI or using REST API.


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Re: accessing a StoreOnce CLI via ssh

Ah, OK. This explains all symptoms...

Thank you!