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Java update and 4104 switch

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Java update and 4104 switch

I have suddenly started having a problem with my main 4104 switch (firmware 104.) When I try to open the web interface the switch reboots. This may happen with other 4108 and 4104 switches but I have been reluctant to try them.
Telnet is fine and the switches appear to be working normally. The only line in the event log on the switch that looks to be relevant is "M 09/03/07 17:18:58 sys: 'PPC Bus Error exception vector 0x300:'"

I am aware that IE7 has issues with the 410x switches but for me it has been fine up till now. I suspect the culprit is the latest update to java. This is Java runtime 6 update 2. As we have had some trouble with educational software that has stopped running.

Has anyone else had the same problem? This also happens with Firefox. I rang HP tech support and got a very unhelpful response. Can anyone else shed any light on this issue?
This is a busy switch and I will have to uninstall the java update then try again. I am reluctant to do this until I can be certain not to interrupt the network.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Java update and 4104 switch


This is a new issue and already has lab attention. I believe your assumption regarding Java 1.6 as the trigger is correct.

To prevent this in the meantime, disable http access on the switch 'no web-management plaintext'.

If it is urgent that you get a fix for this, please contact support again and if required, refer them to this post. Ask that they escalate this and provide you with the fix when it becomes available.

Alternatively, subscribe to http://my.procurve.com/, select the products you own and it will email you once there is a firmware update available for this bug.


Re: Java update and 4104 switch

Many Thanks
I will do that.
Mack Avery
Occasional Visitor

Re: Java update and 4104 switch

I encountered this issue using IE6 and Java 1.4.2_04 where once I connected to the web interface, the switch rebooted with the same error:
PPC Bus Error exception vector 0x300:'"

I have just updated the switch (4104gl) to G.07.104 software.

I have disabled the web interfaces since this is a production network.

Is a fix for this still in the lab or has there been any additional progress.


Re: Java update and 4104 switch

This seems to have been resolved by a new firmware update which I received from tech support G_07_105.
Rainer Stenzel TG
Occasional Visitor

Re: Java update and 4104 switch

We also updated to Version G.07.104 and get the
same error, when connecting via https to the switch. We are connecting via IE6 and built-in java runtime.

Where can I get the update? Can you send me your update files?