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Leadership skills for the hybrid workplace era – a quick intro

Digital remote employee enablement is here to stay, and it calls for a new kind of management style, as I argue in a new article.

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There’s not much doubt any more that the massive changes we’ve seen in the workplace this year will be very enduring – and will likely accelerate. In the United States, the share of working days spent at home by full-time employees will triple by the time country emerges from the pandemic, according to a nationwide study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.1 Here in Germany, the government is drafting a law to give people the legal right to work from home when possible.2 In the United Kingdom, nearly one-quarter of the workforce is home-based, and the number is rising.3

The dawn of the hybrid workplace era has huge implications for companies’ change management initiatives and leadership strategies. As I wrote in an earlier post, “organizational development programs are required that consciously shift the culture to support the new ways of working … Traditional hierarchical management styles will not work here – which means a change in the roles and behaviors of leaders.”

I pick up on those ideas and develop them in a new article: Leaders in the new remote era need new remote leadership skills. Give it a quick read to learn:

  • Why building a modern digital hybrid workplace should be a core goal for digital transformation initiatives
  • How a knowledge of five non-technical areas can help you maintain and increase productivity while keeping employees motivated and engaged
  • How to maintain motivation and morale in a remote setting.

In a time of rapid change, an inspirational vision and purpose can help lay the foundation for new ways of working that will support your employees and your business far into the future.

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1. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: Firms expect working from home to triple

2. Widely reported: see for example this World Economic Forum article: Germany drafting law to give people the legal right to work from home

3. The Guardian: Number working from home in UK rises after government U-turn

Anke Hirning
Global Lead Management of Change
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Anke Hirning leads the worldwide Management of Change (MoC) team at HPE. The MoC team is designed to assist companies to achieve their desired business results by proactively guiding their people through technology changes. As an expert in the areas of adult education, organizational development and Management of Change consulting, Anke develops programs for customers in all industries to support their workforce to embrace the changes in the digital world. Anke is based in Germany and holds a doctorate degree in Physics.