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Explore IoT from Edge to Core to Cloud

Guest Blogger: Parissa Mohamadi

Micro Focus, ActualTech Media and HPE offer you two great ways to access the facts and explore the solutions you need to help you on your transformation journey as you discover the benefits of IoT.

finger over binary display.jpgThe first is a new tech brief that discusses how HPE Edgeline Systems, HPE MapR, and Micro Focus Vertica enable organizations to process massive amounts of data at the edge, as well as explore and gain deep insights from petabytes of data.

The second is the Vertica Big Data Conference which will be held from March 31 – April 2.  Note that due to the Coronavirus, this is now virtual event. However, it still represents an exceptional opportunity to hear from recognized experts and identify the IoT solutions that can best make transformation a reality. See the event page for complete details. 

Do you belong at the edge?  

With the number of edge computing devices continuing to grow exponentially year over year, designing IT architectures to capture, process, analyze, and derive deeper insights from that data will be one of the defining challenges of the next decade. And as with most challenges, it also opens up exceptional opportunities to drive growth and success. Here are a few fast facts about some of the features and benefits of bringing intelligence to the edge:

  • Technology that brings intelligence to the edge encompasses three “Cs” – connect, compute and control
  • As an SQL analytics database that’s purpose-built to manage rapidly-growing volumes of data and deliver insights faster than any big data engine in the marketplace, Vertica can ingest data rapidly, with enough performance to let analysts explore data interactively and enable everyone to make data-driven decisions
  • Bringing intelligence to the edge can reduce both network and decision-making latency, shrinking the amount of network bandwidth required
  • The only way to protect data end-to-end is to put the encryption controls within the data itself using format-preserving encryption (FTE), which persists the protection as the data moves from database to application
  • Vertica and Hadoop really are better together

This short video delivered by Scott D. Lowe, CEO & Lead Analyst for ActualTech Media offer you a quick way to learn more by providing an insightful summary for you,

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 Ready for a deeper dive? 

  1. Download a copy of our full tech brief  
  2. Check out the significant HPE and MicroFocus content at the virtual Vertica Big Data Conference. You can register for the event here.  

We also invite you to contact one of our Micro Focus/HPE NA Alliance Business Managers to talk more -  Debbie Burke – East,  Laurie Gray – West.  Or our Global Alliances Business Manager – Lisa Gardner or David Hall – HPE, Chief Technologist - AI & Big Data Solutions.


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