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How to migrate applications to Windows Server 2019

Want to boost IT efficiency and save time and money? You can migrate applications to Windows Server 2019 on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers using one of two simple methods.

Windows Server 2019 is an operating system (OS) built for the digital age. It’s designed to help businesses grow by including capabilities for Hybrid Cloud, virtualization, containers, and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)—all with industry-leading security. Combining HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers with Windows Server 2019 is a smart move that provides a modern foundation for success.

But sometimes change can be hard. An older server and OS can be working “just fine,” and even though the performance and security aren’t ideal, the prospect of upgrading and migrating everything can seem pretty daunting. HPE and Microsoft want to make the process as simple as possible.

Because HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers work so well with the Windows Server 2019 OS, and because of our long relationship with Microsoft, HPE is dedicated to helping customers transition smoothly to the new OS. This includes a full set of drivers and value-added software to enable Windows Server 2019 support on certified HPE hardware.

It also includes guidance for migrating older applications to the new server and OS to improve app efficiency and cost-effectiveness. There are basically two migration scenarios:

  • If the application supports Windows Server 2019, migration is as simple as following the software vendor’s migration guidance.
  • If the application doesn’t support Windows Server 2019, it can be migrated by keeping it on a supported OS inside of a virtual machine (VM). Simply migrate the unsupported apps onto the new server in a Microsoft Hyper-V® VM that’s still running the supported version of Windows Server (such as 2008 or 2012). Start by installing or upgrading to Windows Server 2019, then adding the Hyper-V role, creating a VM, and then following the software vendor’s guidance for migrating the application to the VM.

More detailed instructions on application migration are included in the HPE Small Business Solutions Deployment Guide for Microsoft Windows-based solutions.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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