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HPE Rapid Setup Software simplifies Windows Server installation on HPE ProLiant servers [VIDEO]

With Windows Server 2008 End of Support quickly approaching (it is now less than 1 year away!) you may have customers who need to update their Windows Server operating systems and their servers. Setting your customers up with a server solution that includes Windows Server running on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers will give them increased security features and improved efficiency.

But, how can you provide the most value to your customers? Server installation is usually a manual and very time consuming chore that requires specialized resources… but not anymore! 


RSS USB Stick.jpg


Hewlett Packard Enterprise, in collaboration with Microsoft, has launched HPE Rapid Setup Software. HPE Rapid Setup Software gives you a simple, fast, and easy way to install Windows Server 2016 on HPE ProLiant servers.



RSS Screen.jpg

With HPE Rapid Setup Software you simply insert the HPE Rapid Setup Software USB key into any internal or external USB slot, boot the server, and follow a few easy menu steps to install Windows Server. Within minutes you are ready to complete the OS software setup and configuration.

In fact, HPE Rapid Setup Software can shave up to 50% off of deployment time1.

Time saving is not the only benefit of HPE Rapid Setup Software! It also provides increased security as the HPE Rapid Setup Software USB drive option is software locked to remove any opportunities for tampering. In addition, it can save you money! With less time spent on installation, less money is spent on deployment, allowing more money to be saved or invested. HPE Rapid Setup Software is included with HPE SMB Solution servers or can be purchased as an option for a nominal cost.

Learn more about HPE Rapid Setup Software

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1. HPE Internal Testing. Reduces time to migrate an existing server to a new OS from 24 hours to just 12. Reduces time to install and setup a new server from 6 hours

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