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Realize the value of cloud-ready data protection with HPE Cloud Bank Storage

HPE Cloud Bank Storage is on general availability! Let’s take a closer look at how cloud-ready data protection delivers simple, efficient and secure backup and disaster recovery to the cloud.

Cloud Bank Storage_HPE_blog.jpgIn my recent blog on protecting your data with cloud-ready defense, I discussed the importance of optimizing your on-premises storage infrastructure for the cloud, highlighting some of the key attributes to consider in selecting cloud-ready data protection infrastructure. So let’s now explore how HPE Cloud Bank Storage—now on general availability—delivers a powerful set of cloud ready data protection capabilities, empowering you to realize the true value of the cloud.

Making “cents” of cloud backup

Backup and disaster recovery are leading use cases for cloud storage today - predominantly due to the operational agility, efficiency and OpEx pricing models that cloud storage provides  However, the perceived economic benefits of storing data in the public cloud can be devalued by the on-going costs that quickly add up when you are charged for every GB sent, stored, and retrieved. Reducing the amount of data you are sending to the cloud—while seamlessly integrating with your existing data protection workflows and ensuring data security—is key to optimizing your cloud investment.

Cloud backup made simple with HPE Cloud Bank Storage

HPE Cloud Bank Storage enhances HPE StoreOnce systems to deliver simple, economical and secure backup to the cloud. Architected for ultimate efficiency, it seamlessly cloud enables your backup and enterprise apps and sends, stores and retrieves only unique data for lower cost, reliable and highly scalable cloud storage and disaster recovery. 

Here are some of the specific capabilities that enable you to:

Seamlessly cloud-enable your backup and enterprise apps[1]

Cloud Bank Storage seamlessly moves backup data to the cloud with no separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance required.  You can choose the cloud service provider that best fit your unique requirements - including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure and Scality RING.

Cloud Bank Storage provides self-service cloud data protection, empowering DBAs and storage admins to easily and efficiently control end-to-end protection for their applications—from the data center to the cloud—via familiar native tools.

Send, store and retrieve only unique data for lower TCO

HPE Cloud Bank Storage reduces the time, cost and network bandwidth for cloud storage with highly efficient de-duplicated data transfer.

It is also delivers cloud scale, enabling the protection and retention of more than 100 PB[2] of backup data in your cloud of choice starting at one tenth of a cent per month[3].   This reduces the cost of public cloud storage by 20X.

In addition, with HPE Cloud Bank Storage archive feature, “cold data” can be moved to even more cost-efficient object storage for archiving or extended retention.  As a result you can orchestrate the optimal balance between performance and cost with automated, intelligent multi-tiered data protection—from on-premises arrays to the public cloud.

Simplify encrypted and reliable cloud disaster recovery

Cloud Bank Storage lets you mitigate the risk of downtime with cloud disaster recoverywhile eliminating less agile tape and avoiding the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a secondary site. It protects against site loss by recovering self-describing backup data from the cloud to any local or cloud based HPE StoreOnce system, anywhere in the world.  And it ensures secure transmission and storage in the cloud with in-flight/at rest encryption and data immutability.  

HPE Cloud Bank Storage in action

There’s more to Cloud Bank Storage than impressive capabilities and statistics. Here is a selection of quotes from partners and customers who have realized valuable benefits from using Cloud Bank Storage as part of the early access program.

 “Data Protection is an essential component in our IT environment and we have relied on HPE StoreOnce for many years. Now with the Cloud Bank Storage extension to StoreOnce Systems we have the ability to move data to the cloud without needing additional infrastructure or process. This means we save storage costs, while managing large volumes of data growth. We are excited by the cloud based disaster recovery functionality this enables and that allows us to access and restore the data in Azure even in case of a system failure.”  - Austin Mager, Operations Engineer, Microsoft 

“By deploying the new Cloud Bank software with StoreOnce systems we are able to offer an open and flexible solution. The customer can decide if they choose our ACP CS3 cloud storage offering or any other public cloud provider. StoreOnce Cloud Bank does transparently bridge the gap between on-premises and Cloud Data Protection through standard interfaces. It allows our customers to achieve new levels of scale and performance by protecting large volumes of data and perform instant restores of the data locally and in the cloud."  - Sebastian Koehler, Solution Architect, GODYO Enterprise Computing AG

Bottom line

HPE Cloud Bank Storage provides end-to-end protection as you evolve to Hybrid IT, natively linking your primary, secondary and private/public cloud storage. This lets you easily leverage the economics and agility of the cloud for archive or disaster recovery, while continuing to use your on-premises infrastructure for fast, reliable operational recovery.

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[1] Supports broad-ecosystem of ISVs (Veritas NBU, Backup Exec, Data Protector, BridgeHead Software), StoreOnce Catalyst Application plug-ins (Oracle RMAN, MSFT SQL and SAP HANA) and HPE Recovery Manager Central

[2] Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and the maximum logical capacity of HPE StoreOnce 6600 of 34 PB

[3] Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and AWS (S3) standard object storage pricing of $0.02 per GB/Month

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