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Backing up OA configurations

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Backing up OA configurations

Here is my concern.


In the "olden days" I was somewhat disturbed to discover that the although the OA GUI will display the Current Configuration, and/or the current inventory, it does NOT provide an option to save it to a file directly.      Instead, you have to resort to using the browser tools.


I began by using edit>Select All>copy    and then opening a NotePad window and Pasting in the buffer.    Now I could save the file to whatever location I wished.        I subsequently discovered that the IE File > Save As produced the same output. and so I dropped the NotePad bit.


Unfortunately, at some point IE stopped working with older versions of OA and VC (I think IE6-ish).    And doubly unfortunate, I have a remote (2000 miles remote) unattended enclosure which is still running Version 2.6, and is highly unlikely to be upgraded (since any issues would probably require a physical "hands-on")


I discovered however that FireFox did not have the same issues as IE, so I switched to FireFox for that enclosure and was able to continue backing up the configs without a problem (I thought).     Things were made worse by the fact that I subsequently changed my default browser from IE to FireFox  (not just be cause of this, FireFox was/is much faster)


I have recently discovered however, that that the files being saved by FireFox are not formatted the same as those saved by IE.      FireFox saves the files as "Stream", and inserts a linefeed character between records.    This is fine as long as the OA reads the files as "Stream", inwhich case the <LF> is just a command separator, however if you print the file to your screen, you either get a continuous stream of characters (on Windows), or you get the formatted file with a blank line inserted between each record (OpenVMS).


So my question is:    If I had to restore this configuration, could the OA read the "Stream"ed file ??






P.S. after 7 years, it is time for HP to remove this issue, by simply offering the option to save the displayed config/Inventory display to a file (with a "browse to" button).      It is ridiculous that this function is left to the Browser functions.      VCM doesn't do it!     It generates the file and asks where to put it.     Its time that OA did the same.