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BL460C G7 Controller / Disk load order with SB40C Storageblade

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BL460C G7 Controller / Disk load order with SB40C Storageblade

Dear All,

I am replacing my BL460C G1 servers with BL460C G7 servers, but keeping my SB40C StorageBlades.

In the G1 servers, the embedded option rom for the Smart Array E200i loads first during post, and the Logical disk you setup on this controller also gets assigned as the first volume & disk on the system (Volume 0 / Disk 0)

On the G7 server, the embedded P410i option rom loads after the Sb40C's P400 controller.
Causing the internal controllers logical disks to appear as Volume 1 / Disk 1 (which is casuing me all kinds of problems with HPC 2008 R2 Deployment / Imaging)

In the rbsu of the G7, under Boot Controller order the p410i controller is set as the first controller (slot 0 / Embedded) and the p400 controller is set as the fourth controller (slot 3)

Also under Advanced Options / Option ROM Loading Sequence i have "Load Embedded Devices First"

I would really like the internal controller to load first enabling any logical disk setup on the internal controller to be assigned disk 0

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Firmware versions i use :
OA : 3.31
StorageBlade : 2.20
BL460C G7 System Rom : I27 01/29/2011
ILO3 : 1.25


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Re: BL460C G7 Controller / Disk load order with SB40C Storageblade



I can answer this question myself now.


No, there is no way of changing the controller order on a bl460c g7.


One will have to live with the fact that the storageblade gets assigned disk0/c0d0 and the internal controller disk1/c1d0





Re: BL460C G7 Controller / Disk load order with SB40C Storageblade

Hi Patric, sorry to hihjack this thread but I've got an SB40c-related issue and you're obviously using yours already.

Rather than retype my issue (TL;DR - can't see the SB40c via the blade in order to create a storage volume), if you get some time can you review this link and see if you can help me out with a process?

When you initially set up was it as simple as plugging blade #1 into a bay, the SB40 into the adjoining bay and the array controller in the SB40c span up during the blade post?  Nothing more complicated than that or were there intervening steps?

Thanks in advance,