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Re: BL465c Windows Clustering

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BL465c Windows Clustering

What sort of shared disk can I use to cluster two BL465c G5's ? Such as a X1800sb and a SB40
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Re: BL465c Windows Clustering

Afaik SB40 is not shared storage (without adding something else i.e. P4000 virtual appliance (according Product Bulletin: HP LeftHand P4000 VSA turns the SB40c into a scalable and robust iSCSI SAN, featuring, storage clustering for scalability, Network RAID for storage failover, thin provisioning, snapshots, remote replication, and cloning.). So i think X1800SB is better if two disks is enough for you (quorum lun for example). If you need bigger storage, you'll need both of them - X1800SB as iscsi gateway and SB40 attached to it as primary storage.