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Re: C3000 Installation

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C3000 Installation

Hi, I have a new C3000 with blades and don't know where to start!

Do I just install the blades, connect a monitor/keybaord to the enclosure (on the front) and then what?

I really need an idiots guide as to what to do first, step-by-step.

I have never seen a blade before (I'm old school). Do I install the management sofware on my PC? Do I install software on each blade or do i just install the OS on each blade?

As you can see from my question, I have no idea!

Please help!
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Re: C3000 Installation


It would be best to setup the Onboard Administrator first to get ILO access to the blades.

Here is a page with docs about the C3000 chassi..〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64180&taskId=101&prodTypeId=3709945&prodSeriesId=3540808
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Re: C3000 Installation


You can start with some of that documentation but it helps to think about the blades as simply another set of servers. Each one will need its own OS and should be monitored separately.

The blade enclosure does allow you to consolidate Ethernet and Fiber connectivity. If you connect to the enclosure's Onboard Administrator module (by default it is configured to grab a DHCP address), the wizards here will be helpful in getting things set up.

Good luck and come back to the forums if you need more help!